Added a Shoulder Bag

October 17th, 2016, 9:41 am

There were some threads going around on Reddit showing people adding a shoulder bag to their bike. I really liked the look so I picked one up; they’re not expensive at all.


The bag is attached under the seat with heavy duty zip-ties. It sits right in front of the left-hand side cover.

I had thought from the pics on Reddit that the bag would get in your leg’s way, but it doesn’t. You never feel it at all.

I put a pair of rain pants in there, and put my gloves in when I get off the bike.

The straps on the bag are held down with magnets; you don’t really have to unbuckle them every time.

Here are the Reddit threads about it, with pics on a Triumph or something: … to_saddle/ … cover_bag/

Here’s the bag: … RY6HKJWV8A

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