First Bike

January 15th, 2016

I went over to a dealership day before yesterday and closed a deal on an orange one – the 2016 model.

This is my first bike, ever. I took the MSF course last week (and we used the TU in that class too) and that was what sealed the deal for me that the TU was the bike for me. Quick, nimble, not too powerful but spry. Quoting Obi-Wan, the TU250X is an elegant weapon … from a more civilized age.

Taking it easy here, not trying anything flashy or crazy. Got the dealer to throw in some merchandise so I have gear now. I have a grand total of 50 miles experience under my belt (counting 11 in the course) so I’m staying away from any crazy traffic. Basically, I know that right now I’m officially qualified to ride around in a parking lot.

This will be my main transportation, a commuter for work and it’s how I’ll get around town all the time. I live in South Florida so the riding season is year round. I expect to get wet sometimes (been rained on three times already.)

Enough with the jabber, here are some pics:



iPhone Wallpaper-sized:

Parked next to my buddy’s Harley … the colors are identical. It looks like his bike had a baby:


Unfortunately, South Florida seems to think it’s the middle of summer, with several inches of rain on tap:



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