Manracks Luggage Rack & Blinker reloc Installed, New Mirrors, Too

April 11, 2016

I ordered the over-fender luggage rack and turn-signal relocator kits from Manracks a week ago.

Shipping was very prompt, I think Mike had them out the same day.

The luggage rack is very sturdy. Solid. The paint job is even and looks thick. The bolt location was perfect.

The turn signal relocator bracket attaches at the same location on the rear grab-bar as the luggage rack. They can fit one on top of each other.





One of the rear attachment points, the forward hex head bolt, is directly under a bar on the luggage rack, making it more difficult to install than it needed to be – there is no room for socket so you are left using an open ended wrench instead. Trying to do that while holding the bottom nut still with a different wrench, while trying to keep the parts from falling off the bike, all really requires two sets of hand – one of them preferably very small. I had an 11-year old help, his smaller hands really worked out well.




I found it was easier to install the bolts after taking the brake light assembly off, otherwise it was way too tight a space to work down there on the rearward bolt.

Only one negative comment: I will say that the hex head bolt included in the kit were garbage. The hex head was soft, it did not fit my metric wrenches correctly, was just a crummy piece. Do yourself a favor and replace them with quality stainless fasteners. (The washer and the nylon-insert nut was fine.) I opted for a replacement philips-head bolt instead of a Hex because if I need to take it off on the road I am likely to have one screwdriver and one wrench with me – not two wrenches the same size. But it was a little tough to get to from above, maybe there was a better way than what I did. The space was so cramped, I was just glad to be done with that work. Your choices may vary.

Mike’s service was excellent, he got back to me quickly when I had a question (whether I could combine both products) and seems like a nice guy.

However this is a fairly small complaint, overall, and it’s not a reflection on the manufacturing of Mike’s products – just the hardware included.

I still need to move the turn signals to the new attachment points. I intend to use the stock indicator brackets as a way to hold some small boxes (ammo boxes, actually) that I’m going to bolt on there.

I also picked up a pair of bar-end round mirrors. I really liked the look of Robbo’s mirrors in this thread. I found a similar pair on Amazon. They went on very easily, using the existing bolt with the bar-ends still in place (only after I learned about how the expansion plug works in this thread I created. Mistakes were made, and corrected, and lessons learned). The replacement mirrors have a wider view, are much less prone to vibration, and look the way I want. And I don’t have a view of my shoulders anymore – I can see behind me.






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