Zipper Pulls

Ok, I’ve got something you’ll like. It’s the simple things that make life a lot easier on the bike.

It’s a royal pain in the tailfender to try to grab the zipper on my jacket when I’m wearing gloves. The tab on the zipper pull is too small to grab on to so I went shopping for zipper pull extenders. I found some, but at $5 each I thought those were too pricey, but realized I could make my own for a tenth of the price they want for them online. Besides I wanted colors I couldn’t find anywhere else.

I bought a length of paracord, pick any color you like. I like the kind that has a strand of reflective in it, so at night it’s easy to spot with a flashlight. I was suprised at how cheap paracord is, based on the prices people charge for things made out of it. It was so cheap I ended up buying 50 feet, but hey, I’m crazy. Get 10 feet if you want. You won’t need more than about four inches per zipper pull.

I bought a bunch of these FMS Aerowave Cord Ends which snap together to make zipper pull tabs. I found the paracord fits in better if you remove a few of the inner strands, to make them slimmer. If you need help assembling them, here is a tutorial video.

These zipper pull tabs also double as an emergency whistle – popular among the camping and hiking crow. Trick!

Here’s one I made for my FirstGear Ranier jacket. Waaaay easier to pull with gloved fingers than the zipper alone.


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