Small-displacement bikes are fun – until they’re not fun.

In November on Black Friday, my pals and I took a drive around Lake Okeechobee. Fun times.

Except when we got to a nice stretch of gorgeous two lane road and got behind a lady in a Lexus SUV. The guy in the front bike (Yamaha FZ06R) just bopped around her like no problem. She was going about 60 I guess.

My turn to pass, I waited until nothing was coming up ahead and started to increase speed… and so did she. As I got to 70 in the left (oncoming traffic) lane she had matched my speed, involuntarily I guess. I think she felt intimidated by all these motorcycles, there were six of us in all. I think she involuntarily felt like she had to move with the speed of traffic.

I couldn’t get past her, she kept creeping up to my speed as I tagged along beside her slowly increasing my speed. When a caravan started coming my way up ahead I had to drop back again behind her and wait for another break. Of course she slowed down again for this, and when I made my move again, she sped up.

Again I was unable pass her white Lexus SUV. I dropped into 4th gear and pinned the throttle, laid down on the tank, still she would not let me pass. Again, I think this older lady was doing this involuntarily. Again I had to drop back behind her.

I have stock sprockets, btw.

Finally, my friend up ahead started slowing down ahead of her, forcing her down to around 65 or 60 and I got the jump on her and passed her.

Then all the guys behind me passed her like she was standing still, in their normal-displacement bikes. You know, like a motorcycle is supposed to be able to do.

Of course you can imagine the ribbing I took at lunch. I felt like my 250cc bike let me down. I guess that’s why I’m ready to move on. The TUX is fun as heck until you get into a situation where it’s not fun at all. A quarter-liter, 20 horsepower is a blast until you hit it’s ceiling. I found it. Check, please.

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