To Sebring and Back!

The AmenMoto Motorcycle Adventures Club took a nice long ride on Saturday, up to Sebring International Racetrack and back. We had some nice unexpected adventures on the way.

You can watch the full video for this adventure at

Setting off from 4-points in Boynton Beach at 7:30, we rode up to Lake Okeechobee and stopped at Port Mayaca, which is a beautiful dam & lock that is used to outflow water from the lake. Just a really nice view.


I was absolutely freezing on the ride there. Fortunately my pal Doug lent me his jumper for the ride up to Okeechobee (the town, not the lake) where we visited County Airport and the Landing Strip Cafe for breakfast. I had a delicious “Eggsadilla” and sausage & toast. Really great, and we watched the planes take off for a while.

There we also met a local MC full of Army & Air Force vets, who told us that a huge bike rally was going on in Sebring. Since we were headed that way anyway, this sounded great to us.

The ride from Okeechobee to Sebring was very nice, and we found the racetrack deserted. Doug showed us around the track and showed us some of the more famous turns on the track including Turn 1 and the Hairpin.

The ride from there to Clewiston for lunch was interrupted when we saw skydivers jumping from a plane, so we diverted over to the Airglades Airport and hung out at their jump camp for a while. Really neat folks! They are funny, they jump out of perfectly good airplanes and think riding motorcycles is dangerous!!


Then we continued on to Clewiston for a very late lunch at Roland Martin’s Tiki Bar, followed by an uneventful ride down US27 and across I-75 back home.

Again, you can watch the video for this adventure at

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