Busted Flat in Bato… I mean, Orlando

Last weekend the AmenMoto crew enjoyed an uneventful 4-hour ride up to Orlando and the Ace Cafe, which is super cool. Everybody needs to see this place, it’s motorcycle heaven.

On the ride back home, one guy, Doug, split off to go west to Zephyrhills (near Tampa) to visit relatives. The other two, myself and Allan my Harley bud, headed south, and stopped at the first rest area on the Turnpike to get gas.

Then the Triumph wouldn’t start.

The antitheft engine immobilizer was indicating that the key wasn’t present so the bike wouldn’t start. (There’s a chip in the key like on most cars).

I called dealership, but they need the bike in person to clear it. But I was 4 hours away.

Fortunately I have amazing friends who believe in “no man left behind” and Doug abandoned his trip in Tampa and Allan headed south, and they both met up at Doug’s house to get his trailer, then turned around and came the 4 hours back north again and we trailered the bike back south for 4 hours. We got home around 6 am.

Bike went to the shop on Tuesday, the antitheft key sensor is bad and are just waiting on the part from Triumph USA to replace it (under warranty).

Always an adventure!


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