Dart Flyscreen and Halcyon 830 Bar-End Mirrors for the Triumph Bonneville T120

We take a look at Dart’s flyscreen and the Halcyon bar-end mirrors, all for the Triumph Bonneville T120 motorcycle.



Triumph T214 Bonneville Review Walkaround AND an update on my Triumph Bonneville T120, still in the shop

I posted a quick review and walkaround of the 2015 Triumph Bonneville T214 Land Speed Limited Edition, a 865 cc twin, four-stroke 68 HP fuel injected commemorative model. My thoughts after borrowing this bike for 4 weeks.

I also give an update on my bike, still in the shop, still waiting on parts.

And if you’re interested, I talk about some cool bike mod videos coming soon.



Busted Flat in Bato… I mean, Orlando

Last weekend the AmenMoto crew enjoyed an uneventful 4-hour ride up to Orlando and the Ace Cafe, which is super cool. Everybody needs to see this place, it’s motorcycle heaven.

On the ride back home, one guy, Doug, split off to go west to Zephyrhills (near Tampa) to visit relatives. The other two, myself and Allan my Harley bud, headed south, and stopped at the first rest area on the Turnpike to get gas.

Then the Triumph wouldn’t start.

The antitheft engine immobilizer was indicating that the key wasn’t present so the bike wouldn’t start. (There’s a chip in the key like on most cars).

I called dealership, but they need the bike in person to clear it. But I was 4 hours away.

Fortunately I have amazing friends who believe in “no man left behind” and Doug abandoned his trip in Tampa and Allan headed south, and they both met up at Doug’s house to get his trailer, then turned around and came the 4 hours back north again and we trailered the bike back south for 4 hours. We got home around 6 am.

Bike went to the shop on Tuesday, the antitheft key sensor is bad and are just waiting on the part from Triumph USA to replace it (under warranty).

Always an adventure!


Key West and Back in One Day

Kinda nuts, it was a long ride.

Left at 9:30 am and got to Gilbert’s in Key Largo for lunchtime … and decided to power on, despite looming thunderstorms, all the way to Key West and back in the same day.
Got to Key West around 4 pm. Hung around at Mallory Square for about a half hour and then blazed back home again, getting back to the house around 10:30 pm.



The spikes in the elevation chart are just the bridges along the way down there.

To Sebring and Back!

The AmenMoto Motorcycle Adventures Club took a nice long ride on Saturday, up to Sebring International Racetrack and back. We had some nice unexpected adventures on the way.

You can watch the full video for this adventure at http://amenmoto.com

Setting off from 4-points in Boynton Beach at 7:30, we rode up to Lake Okeechobee and stopped at Port Mayaca, which is a beautiful dam & lock that is used to outflow water from the lake. Just a really nice view.


I was absolutely freezing on the ride there. Fortunately my pal Doug lent me his jumper for the ride up to Okeechobee (the town, not the lake) where we visited County Airport and the Landing Strip Cafe for breakfast. I had a delicious “Eggsadilla” and sausage & toast. Really great, and we watched the planes take off for a while.

There we also met a local MC full of Army & Air Force vets, who told us that a huge bike rally was going on in Sebring. Since we were headed that way anyway, this sounded great to us.

The ride from Okeechobee to Sebring was very nice, and we found the racetrack deserted. Doug showed us around the track and showed us some of the more famous turns on the track including Turn 1 and the Hairpin.

The ride from there to Clewiston for lunch was interrupted when we saw skydivers jumping from a plane, so we diverted over to the Airglades Airport and hung out at their jump camp for a while. Really neat folks! They are funny, they jump out of perfectly good airplanes and think riding motorcycles is dangerous!!


Then we continued on to Clewiston for a very late lunch at Roland Martin’s Tiki Bar, followed by an uneventful ride down US27 and across I-75 back home.

Again, you can watch the video for this adventure at http://amenmoto.com

A New Bike for AmenMoto

Well, it took a little while but I’m in the Bonneville club now.

I really do like this bike a lot. So much more power, I really need to be careful. It wants to run out ahead of me.

This is a 2017 but it’s not “brand new,” it had <2000 miles on it. Someone bought it and the color didn’t suit him so he traded it in a short time later for another T120 but in a different color. To each their own, it worked out good for me.  I didn’t pick this color – after all, the bike chose me. But the color combo, black/white with a thin gold stripe, has really grown on me in the past four days. My friend’s wife says the bike’s name is Domino, so there you go.

Here’s two pics, if you want more they’re at my instagram account, I don’t want to flood you guys with Triumph pictures.




Small-displacement bikes are fun – until they’re not fun.

In November on Black Friday, my pals and I took a drive around Lake Okeechobee. Fun times.

Except when we got to a nice stretch of gorgeous two lane road and got behind a lady in a Lexus SUV. The guy in the front bike (Yamaha FZ06R) just bopped around her like no problem. She was going about 60 I guess.

My turn to pass, I waited until nothing was coming up ahead and started to increase speed… and so did she. As I got to 70 in the left (oncoming traffic) lane she had matched my speed, involuntarily I guess. I think she felt intimidated by all these motorcycles, there were six of us in all. I think she involuntarily felt like she had to move with the speed of traffic.

I couldn’t get past her, she kept creeping up to my speed as I tagged along beside her slowly increasing my speed. When a caravan started coming my way up ahead I had to drop back again behind her and wait for another break. Of course she slowed down again for this, and when I made my move again, she sped up.

Again I was unable pass her white Lexus SUV. I dropped into 4th gear and pinned the throttle, laid down on the tank, still she would not let me pass. Again, I think this older lady was doing this involuntarily. Again I had to drop back behind her.

I have stock sprockets, btw.

Finally, my friend up ahead started slowing down ahead of her, forcing her down to around 65 or 60 and I got the jump on her and passed her.

Then all the guys behind me passed her like she was standing still, in their normal-displacement bikes. You know, like a motorcycle is supposed to be able to do.

Of course you can imagine the ribbing I took at lunch. I felt like my 250cc bike let me down. I guess that’s why I’m ready to move on. The TUX is fun as heck until you get into a situation where it’s not fun at all. A quarter-liter, 20 horsepower is a blast until you hit it’s ceiling. I found it. Check, please.

Zipper Pulls

Ok, I’ve got something you’ll like. It’s the simple things that make life a lot easier on the bike.

It’s a royal pain in the tailfender to try to grab the zipper on my jacket when I’m wearing gloves. The tab on the zipper pull is too small to grab on to so I went shopping for zipper pull extenders. I found some, but at $5 each I thought those were too pricey, but realized I could make my own for a tenth of the price they want for them online. Besides I wanted colors I couldn’t find anywhere else.

I bought a length of paracord, pick any color you like. I like the kind that has a strand of reflective in it, so at night it’s easy to spot with a flashlight. I was suprised at how cheap paracord is, based on the prices people charge for things made out of it. It was so cheap I ended up buying 50 feet, but hey, I’m crazy. Get 10 feet if you want. You won’t need more than about four inches per zipper pull.

I bought a bunch of these FMS Aerowave Cord Ends which snap together to make zipper pull tabs. I found the paracord fits in better if you remove a few of the inner strands, to make them slimmer. If you need help assembling them, here is a tutorial video.

These zipper pull tabs also double as an emergency whistle – popular among the camping and hiking crow. Trick!

Here’s one I made for my FirstGear Ranier jacket. Waaaay easier to pull with gloved fingers than the zipper alone.